Whether delivered as a stand-alone service or as an adjunct to our call accounting services, ComSci’s Instant Access offering provides you with a powerful real-time capture and search facility of all calls recorded on multiple private branch exchange (PBX) and VoIP systems.

IT Financial Management Software

When a call is placed, the details (destination, duration, calling extension, etc.) are transferred to ComSci’s web-based Instant Access module, which enables the viewing of real-time call detail records.

A simple to use search screen provides instantaneous access to your data – what calls were placed to a particular number, from a particular extension, on a particular day, over a particular trunk group and so on. Use the module to generate detail or summary exception reports of long duration calls, international calls – the possibilities are endless. The system may be used for traffic engineering purposes, compliance monitoring, fraud or abuse detection, etc.

Key Attributes
  • Real-time access to call detail
  • Fraud alarms and emergency alerts
  • Notification and management of abuse and misuse
  • Call logging for corporate security purposes

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