At ComSci, we’re committed to a strong customer focus and work to ensure that every customer experience is excellent, starting from day one.

Dedicated Implementation and Account Management Team

Our implementation team works closely with each new customer to fully understand their goals and objectives and to ensure our solutions are leveraged in the manner most effective to meet or exceed those goals and objectives. We also seek to mitigate the time and resources required of our customers.

After the initial implementation, a dedicated ComSci Account Team becomes an extension of your IT organization. Although ComSci is highly configurable, your Account Team is always there to assist in modifying templates, activities, dashboards and providing recommendations without a “nickel and dime” pricing approach used by other SaaS-based providers and consulting companies.

Achieve Immediate Value

The majority of ComSci clients achieve savings shortly after implementation. Even with a small subset of the data, you’ll be able to highlight specific areas for cost optimization and reduction.

Product Development is Top of Mind

Product development is top of mind when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs. ComSci receives direct input from all of our customers and based on that input, we develop new products and/or make enhancements to our existing products at least three times per year. This rigorous process ensures our customers’ requirements are always being met.

You Just Need to Start Somewhere

The important thing to remember is that you just need to start somewhere. As additional IT products and services are incorporated into the IT financial management process, every step toward increased maturity results in exponentially greater value, affording IT Executives with clarity into costs. As a result, they’ll gain opportunities for additional savings and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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