As your service catalog begins to take shape, companies embark on the process of understanding and determining the cost to deliver IT services to the business users. Along with ComSci’s Service Costing capabilities, customers benefit from our consultative approach to understanding product and service cost and developing unit rates.

ComSci understands the challenges faced by our customers as they go through this exercise. Significant changes occur during the transformation to a Service-Oriented IT organization. By providing tangible, hands-on guidance, ComSci helps you plan for success by avoiding the common and costly pitfalls.

ComSci works with our customers from the discovery of cost drivers to designing the allocation process, as well as to the final development of unit costs. ComSci project manages the process through a series of working sessions involving various relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts until a fully defined, fully designed model for all services has been developed. Once the template-based rules are established, the allocation rules can be automatically applied for future use.

Key Attributes
  • Unit costing metrics for benchmarking and/or chargeback
  • Actionable metrics and analytics for cost reduction opportunities
  • Utilization and capacity metrics for “what if” analysis and modeling
  • Quantify and understand the TCO for all IT applications/solutions
  • Fixed vs. variable metrics to identify opportunities for savings
  • Configurable dashboards enabling each user to design the information best suited for them