An initial service catalog does not need to be all-inclusive. Our best practices demonstrate that deploying a service catalog should be an incremental process. To that end, it makes sense to start with the most popular services first.

“Often the 80/20 rule applies where 20% of the services are responsible for 80% of the demand.”

– Craig Symons, Forrester Research

The service catalog plays a key role in IT cost transparency. ComSci begins customer engagements by reviewing the current service catalog or by collaborating to begin the process of building one. ComSci’s team makes sure that the service catalog solution fully integrates a customer-focused approach and is actionable and operational.

Whether we are reviewing your current catalog or beginning a new one, ComSci will make sure the services defined in your catalog are in business language, not IT jargon. This differentiation provides business executives with a view into IT deliverables by using business-relevant terms that facilitate better business decision-making and the opportunity to reduce IT costs.