Improving Corporate Performance: Techniques and Tools Using Predictive Business Analytics to Fuel Competitive Advantage

Redefine the way your organization does business with the techniques and tools in industry leader Lawrence S. Maisel’s latest book, Predictive Business Analytics. In this webinar, Maisel equips you with the definitive tools to anticipate future events, forecast possible outcomes and make decisions that translate into the ultimate competitive advantage.

Using IT Financial Management to Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

To further the success of your organization, you must be able to understand the costs of using technology across all business units. But how can you gain insight into how technology is used across all business units? The answer is to run the IT operation itself like any other strategic business unit.

In this one hour webinar, Mike Stiglianese, Managing Partner of TMO Partners outlines the steps necessary to create an effective IT Financial Management (ITFM) process that enables IT to be run as a strategic business unit and deliver full transparency into the costs and consumption of the organization’s technology resources.

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The Real Business Value of IT Cost Transparency: Overcoming False Transparency

Is false transparency reducing the value of your IT services portfolio? Learn the key questions to ask in order to drive improved visibility across your IT organization and ultimately reduce IT costs.

Review the results of this webinar with Rubin Worldwide’s renowned technology leaders Dr. Howard Rubin and Jed Rubin to learn the true business value of IT Cost Transparency.

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The Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s IT Spending: What CTOs Need to Know

Running IT like a business is commonly expected of every C-level executive today, yet delivering ROI, controlling costs and delivering an IT Bill is not as easy as it seems. In this insightful webinar, we’ll share five ways to significantly reduce your organization’s IT spending, giving your organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Download the results of this webinar. Learn the tips and techniques needed to reduce IT spending along with real life examples of how this was achieved by well-known organizations.