Through our acquisition of Advanced Processing and Imaging, API is now part of Upland Software’s FileBound for Government & Education.

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Let FileBound Revolutionize the Way You Work with our Workflow Automation Solutions

By connecting people with the information they need to work more efficiently, FileBound’s cloud-native workflow automation and document management solutions deliver game-changing results for virtually any industry, including the government and education sectors. And our ongoing corporate mission is to continue to help revolutionize the way organizations plan, manage, and execute work.

Benefits of Using FileBound:

  • Improve productivity by eliminating manual processes and time spent searching for information, giving employees more time to focus on the work that really matters to your organization and constituents.
  • Optimize business processes by automating best practices and eliminating the time and effort spent on menial tasks, delivering results faster.
  • Reduce operational costs by holding the line on personnel costs and expenses that result from delays.
  • Maintain compliance by enforcing the standards needed to comply with, audit and document complex privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA, FERPA, PCI and SOX.

FileBound has a proven track record of delivering ROI. As the success stories of our satisfied clients demonstrate, FileBound has solutions to meet diverse business needs, including:

  • K-12 Education – control student records, finance, human resource, and other district processes needed for accurate reporting to state and federal agencies and improve service to students, parents, and staff.
  • City & County Government – serve constituents better despite cutbacks or budget constraints by increasing efficiency and providing secure self-service to documents. Plus, better address records retention policies for regulatory compliance.