The Scoular Company

A $6 billion supply chain company, The Scoular Company uses FileBound across multiple departments from accounting to weight tickets and realized a 360% increase in efficiency in just one year.

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A buying group with nearly 400 members, Wheatbelt manages back office transactions like invoice processing between its members and about 1,400 vendors using workflow, which improves member service, saves the equivalent of a full-time employee and opens the door for even more efficiency gains.

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Solution Providers


Ernest C. Hughston, Executive Director – Operations & Technology, Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. explains how the combination of the “good people and a good product” make FileBound a partner he can rely on to deliver customer solutions.

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Joe Calabria, Director of Document Imaging, GBS, describes how FileBound makes data accessible to internal and external users when building solutions for his accounts payable, human resources, healthcare and other customers.

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Mark Hinson, president and CEO, InStream, chose FileBound as his company’s core document solution because it is a mature product that has proven it can deliver results.

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Brian Sewart, president of OnCourse, explains why he has relied on FileBound to deliver customer solutions for almost a decade.

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On-Line Imaging

Joe O’Malley, president of On-Line Imaging, shares how FileBound’s ease of use and flexibility and the ability to deliver a “test drive” helped him deliver quick value for one of his customers.

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David Gerber, CEO of Tallega Software, recommends FileBound to his customers as an affordable way to avoid technology obsolescence and reduce expenses.

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