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Realizing the Promise of Enterprise-wide Content Management by Reducing Complexity

Join Ovum’s ECM analyst Sue Clarke and Upland SVP of technology Sean Nathaniel for a look at how a renewed focus on customer experience helps businesses realize the strategic vision of enterprise content management (ECM). By eliminating the historical complexity of ECM software, businesses can cost-effectively implement consistent enterprise adoption with fewer costly professional services and less training and change management.

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The Future of Work: Brighter Days Ahead

Introducing FileBound 7, the next generation of cloud-native automation software manage the flow of work. Designed to meet the needs of the today’s worker, FileBound 7 puts control in the hands of the business user with easy-to-use workflow, forms and analytics. Register now for a tour of the latest FileBound innovations and how they can revolutionize the way you work.

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Five Things to Ask When Moving Invoice Automation to the Cloud

Are you thinking about moving your invoice processing to the cloud or just curious what the hype is about? Join us for this on-demand webinar led by Henry Ijams, Managing Director of PayStream Advisors, as he presents the five questions you should be asking to avoid making a decision you’ll regret.
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Beyond Automation: Using Predictive Analytics to Add Value to AP

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Financial Operations, this webinar explains how analytic capabilities can transform an AP automation solution from a tactical expense to a strategic initiative. Learn what’s behind the buzzwords to see how predictive dashboards and other data intelligence tools deliver insights into how the business actually works.

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