Enterprise Content Management Market, 2014-2018

What does the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market look like and what is its expected evolution through 2018? This report examines market trends, corporate demand, competitive landscape and leading vendor products and strategies. The information and analysis in this report are based on primary research conducted by The Radicati Group, Inc.


Customer-focused HR

How do you balance information access with security? This e-book provides real-world examples of five content technologies that will improve employee engagement by pulling people, processes and information together. Learn how cloud, mobile, electronic signatures, electronic forms and automated workflow improve employee service, reduce the workload for HR staff and make it easier to meeting auditing, compliance and other governance requirements.


AIIM Content Management 2020: Thinking Beyond ECM

By 2020, enterprise content management (ECM) as we know it won’t even exist.” That’s the unnerving conclusion of the AIIM Trendscape Report “Content Management 2020: Thinking Beyond ECM.” The challenge of managing the intersection of people, processes and information doesn’t change over time, but the technology and expectations do. This report examines the new approaches to privacy, security and innovation in the next era of ECM and the need for best practices as models change.


It’s Not Information Governance, It’s Information Opportunity

Cut through the confusing information governance terms, noise and frustration to learn how to turn your enterprise information into opportunity in this AIIM Trendscape report. You’ll learn what 52 senior information management executives from companies like Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo have to say about:

  • The future of Information Governance and how to prepare for it
  • What is and (more importantly) isn’t a priority for Information Governance strategy
  • How to align Information Governance with your business strategy to accelerate your initiatives
  • Increasing corporate mindshare for Information Governance initiatives


5 Things You’re Missing if Your AP Automation Solution Doesn’t Have Predictive Analytics

Do your AP benchmarks measure what’s really important? For years organizations have been measuring AP based on tactical measures like cycle times and cost-per-invoice, but they don’t really measure the true value of AP to the business itself. Published by the Institute of Financial Operations, this white paper shows how predictive analytics use historical data to provide insight the executive team needs for accurate cash flow and liquidity management and a full view of the payables process while still delivering the hard ROI benefits of AP automation.


Realizing a Vision for 21st Century ECM

This white paper from veteran ECM analyst Ralph Gammon explores the future vision of ECM – one where data flows smoothly between systems of engagement and systems of record, allowing organizations to get the maximum value from their information. Gammon explains:

  • Why systems of engagement and systems of record must come together
  • How to build a bridge between engagements and transactions
  • The measurable benefits of a refreshed ECM strategy
  • The technologies to make the vision a reality

This white paper is ideal for readers who are looking ways to improve both customer service and operational processes to maximize growth, increase profitability and differentiate themselves in the market.


Content and the Cloud: The Forecast is Decidedly Cloudy

Everyone’s talking about “The Cloud,” but how much is hype and what do you really need to know about it? Sponsored by FileBound, this AIIM Trendscape report is based on the real-life experiences of the members of AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council (ELC), a think tank comprised of leading content and information management executives and CIOs. Get past the buzzwords and learn what leading experts advise to prepare for the inevitable impact of cloud solutions:

  • What is likely and critical to know about the role of the cloud in the next 18 to 24 months
  • Separating the truth from the hype
  • Recommendations for action and the key criteria to consider when contemplating the role of the cloud for content management


The New Mobile Reality – Forget About Apps; Get Moving on Workflows

Earlier this year, futurist Thornton May told the AIIM Executive Leadership Council (ELC) that many organizations are in a “wilderness moment” it comes to mobile: caught between knowing they are no longer doing the right things, but not yet sure what the right thing is. Are you one of them? This AIIM’s Trendscape report distills the knowledge of the ELC, a think tank comprised of information management executives who are charting a course for future mobility solutions. Learn how leaders from companies like Chevron, General Electric, ING and Kroger are dealing with the impact of mobile, including:

  • Managing security in a BYOD world (and eliminating passwords!)
  • Changing the way employees interact with enterprise systems
  • Eliminating the gap between content and behavior
  • Rethinking everything, especially the user experience and big data


Work Management Trends in AP Automation

Enterprise content management solutions for accounts payable workflow aren’t new. But changes in the ways people work have inspired a new generation of content automation applications that deliver greater agility and usability. This report from the 2014 Institute of Financial Operations Executive Report explains how the convergence of cloud, mobile and analytics help AP departments meet new performance benchmarks and meet strategic goals while increasing usability. Whether you’re evaluating your first AP automation project or looking for ways to improve your existing process, you’ll benefit from this look at the latest technology trends.