Overcome the Deployment Challenges of Traditional PPM Systems

The promise of project portfolio management software is compelling. According to Forrester Research, the successful adoption of a PPM system or tool can help cut low value projects, cost overruns, and project cycle times by 10%; decrease project failure rates by 15%; and reduce time spent on project administration and reporting by 25% – resulting in an ROI of over 250% with a payback period of less than 12 months.

Yet the rigidity of many PPM systems and applications hinders the realization of this potential value. Some are so complex that just getting the system deployed is a major undertaking – and getting users to adopt it an even bigger challenge. Some are optimized only for use within IT or R&D, making them a poor fit if your organization should look to extend PPM to the broader enterprise. And some specialize in managing just Agile development projects, while others support just classic “waterfall” methodologies.

Manage Any Project, Program, Portfolio, or Resource

Because Upland Software PPM Solutions have always viewed project portfolio management as a business practice that can benefit all areas of an organization, we build PPM solutions with the flexibility to readily meet a wide range of needs. Our configurability enables Upland Software’s application to easily adapt to a customer’s specific requirements and accommodate the distinct needs of different business areas, functions, workflows and processes – allowing clients to manage multiple project, program, or PMO types within the same deployment to roll-up results and gain complete visibility across the enterprise, whether in IT, New Product Development, Business PMOs, or any combination.

Upland Software PPM Systems can support:

  • The management of any project, portfolio, program, work or resource type
  • Top-down portfolio management, bottom-up project & resource management, or a hybrid approach
  • Any number of project methodologies and workflows, including custom processes
  • Multiple initiatives or use cases within the same organization, for true Enterprise PPM within a single tool

Achieve Unmatched User Adoption & Business Value

Perhaps more importantly, Upland Software’s Project Portfolio Management application flexibility also enables the most critical driver of PPM business value: user adoption. Change management consistently ranks as the biggest hurdle to PPM and PMO success, according to Gartner and the findings of other analyst firms. Upland Software’s high level of configurability helps overcome change management challenges by enabling:

  • Rapid Deployment – Implementing to meet a client’s needs is so simple that they see value within weeks.
  • “Just Right” Capability – Functionality may be turned on/turned off as needed to match an organization’s process maturity and readiness.
  • Simple Configuration – As needs evolve, our intuitive configuration console allows admins to make changes at any time without requiring IT support.

All without requiring custom code, extensive services engagements, or forcing undue complexity upon end-users. The result: rapid speed to value, superior user adoption, and unmatched overall ROI.