Boost brand awareness, increase engagement and drive conversions

Clickability enables marketers and online publishers to efficiently create, manage and publish content globally to any device; track and personalize visitor experiences; and implement web-based branding, social media and demand generation campaigns. Its easy-to-use cloud platform offers comprehensive, constantly advancing capabilities that empower you to successfully execute digital strategies with agility. Rapidly create and deliver dynamic digital content experiences to boost your brand, increase engagement and drive conversions.

Multilingual Publishing

Manage large volumes of multi-language web content for any device type.


Content Management

Intuitive dashboards enable you to manage content and work.


Built-In Analytics

Obtain meaningful analytics for site, content and visitor activity.


Why Clickability?

Our SaaS delivery model provides constant innovation, with automatic feature upgrades and improvements every 6-8 weeks. With our easy-to-use Web Content Management system, you have all the tools you need to establish a solid web presence.

      • Content Management – Intuitive interface allows non-technical users to easily create and manage website content and layout; template-based platform makes it simple to share, repurpose and dynamically link related content
      • Workflow Management – Design publication processes and control who can create, edit and publish specific types of content throughout your global organization
      • Marketing Support – From simple campaign landing pages to rich media capabilities and our Website Marketing Acceleration solution, the Clickability Platform supports a wide variety of marketing objectives; content and features such as forms or questions for progressive profiling are easily repurposed throughout the site
      • Marketing Integration – Integrates with third-party digital marketing companies such as ExactTarget, Eloqua, Marketo and to offer sophisticated capabilities for integrating content and mass email campaigns
      • Advertising Tools for Publishers – For media publishers, the Clickability Platform offers integrated ad serving, as well as integration with third-party ad servers such as DoubleClick
      • Multi-Site Management – Easily manage multiple domains and quickly launch new websites using existing assets; reuse content items across sites, clone entire websites and roles for workflow management, assign the same content to multiple sites, apply distinct templates to each site and retain brand control, even in large, global organizations
      • Multilingual Publishing – Create, manage and publish content in virtually any language, even those requiring right to left (RTL) content entry; with powerful tools to associate, manage, search and filter multilingual versions of website content, the Clickability Platform identifies content changes so you can focus on just the words or phases that need translation, rather than retranslating entire pages
      • Social Media – Support robust customer engagement and communities by leveraging polls, surveys, blogs and user-generated content, such as ratings and comments; easily integrate this content into site workflows for site moderation
      • User Account Creation – User registration, including the option to sign-on using Facebook Connect, allows for individual accounts and support for restricted content
      • Built-In Analytics – Provides actionable insights on site visitors, and by tracking activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, discover seasonal behavior, “bounce” rates and information on page and site visit averages
      • Analytics Integration – Easily integrate with third-party analytics providers, including Omniture and Google