BMC – Enables Global Publishing


“Clickability is easy to use, allowing us to move much of our Web publishing into the hands of hundreds of business stakeholders and shift some of our Web team resources to higher value responsibilities in the Web program.”
-Michele Floriani, Director of Brand Management at BMC Software



  • BMC Software helps leading companies around the world put technology at the forefront of business transformation to improve the management, delivery and consumption of digital services. From mainframe to cloud to mobile, BMC delivers innovative IT management solutions that have helped more than 15,000 customers drive extraordinary business performance.
  • The company’s website used a Content Management System (CMS) that was hosted in-house. The incumbent solution was both labor-intensive and time-consuming to maintain. The site was under the purview of IT, and because BMC is an IT services and software provider, all feature requests, template changes and content updates had to go through the company’s strict change management processes that protect customer implementations. This meant that requests for website updates often took as long as a month to be implemented. Not only were marketing plans delayed, but IT had to spend a great deal of time on the corporate website instead of spending it on customer-focused projects.


  • BMC wanted a technology platform that would allow them to shift the focus of their internal IT resources from website infrastructure issues to more strategic projects.
  • They wanted a flexible solution with a rich feature set that would enable them to develop innovative programs to support constantly evolving marketing and sales objectives, yet would readily support unique needs in local markets. And the platform needed to be easy enough to use that business users could take over publishing their own content—wherever they were in the world.
  • BMC realized that a SaaS-based solution would free them from ongoing website maintenance costs and eliminate the need for marketing requests to go through the IT change management process.


  • After a comprehensive vendor review, BMC chose Clickability as its trusted partner.
  • Clickability met all of BMC’s technical requirements and was the only SaaS solution with the ability to deliver dynamic content, enabling BMC to deliver targeted content to site visitors.
  • BMC was also impressed with the high caliber of people at Clickability as well as Clickability’s customer-centric approach focused on transparency and communication.
  • In addition to serving local market needs well, Clickability enables the corporate marketing team to extend the website with innovative new features quickly and easily.

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