Cantor Fitzgerald – Enhances Visibility of Financial Products


“Before Clickability, updating our websites was inefficient. Between the change request, getting it in the queue and going live, it used to take us a long time. Now we can do the same thing in minutes.”

-Teddy Chamorro, Assistant VP, Interactive Services at Cantor Fitzgerald



  • Global financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald wanted to enhance the visibility of its deep and vibrant portfolio of financial products by providing fresh content to online visitors such as press, partners, potential customers and prospective employees around the world.
  • Our business is highly regulated,” says Teddy Chamorro, Assistant Vice President of Interactive Services for Cantor Fitzgerald. “There are legal requirements governing how we portray the business, what claims we can and cannot make. On top of that, these differ by country. Between Compliance, Legal, and Editorial, we have multiple groups who have to review every update before it can be published.”
  • Cantor Fitzgerald wanted to revitalize its online presence,, but the installed content management system the company was using was supported by its IT department whose primary focus was on supporting their financial trading systems and not on website publishing. Making even the smallest changes to the website took a long time and any kind of improvement to the publishing process would likely require extended licensing costs and more technical headcount.


  • Fast Deployment, Great Support, Empowered Non-Technical UsersOgilvy Action helped Cantor identify its audience, set performance objectives and create design guidelines for the new The things that mattered most were time to market, design flexibility, and making it easy for non-technical users to publish content without IT assistance.Cantor narrowed the field to two prospective vendors.
  • “We sat down with the people at Clickability, and we talked about everything, the good and the bad,” Chamorro recalls.“We were satisfied with the level of customer support and liked the engaging personality of the team. We were convinced they could meet our timelines.” Cantor’s initial project spec called for deployment in twelve weeks. “Clickability did it in four and half,” Chamorro says. “It wasn’t easy. But they were more a partner than a vendor.”


  • 6,000% ROI (Cantor and BGC)
  • 70% reduction in “time to live” for content (Cantor and BGC)
  • 425% increase in monthly page views, year over year (BGC)
  • 74% increase in unique visitors year over year (BGC)
  • 26% increase in monthly page views, year over year (Cantor)


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