Healthcare Organization Automates Contract Management with FileBound


  • Over the years, Trinity had acquired a large number of contracts with physicians, vendors, partners, real-estate groups and other entities and was having trouble managing them. Contracts were too often missing, incomplete, in-actionable and renewing automatically without the group having the opportunity to renegotiate terms.
  • There was both a need and a strong desire throughout the organization to have these contracts managed more efficiently through automation.



  • Trinity sought a solution that would streamline the contract management process and make lost files a thing of the past. They wanted a system that would reduce the cost of managing contracts and provide notification when contracts were about to expire.
  • The group also needed to free up floor space for uses other than file storage and entirely eliminate costly off-site storage.
  • Trinity achieved all these goals by adopting a FileBound Document Management Solution. The system was configured to allow managers to easily track workflow on contracts and to notify parties involved that a contract was coming up for renewal so they can renegotiate the terms prior to renewal.


  • FileBound provided a complete solution that contains all the features and functions Trinity required to efficiently manage its contracts, make them easily accessible and completely secure.
  • They were able to free up floor space formerly devoted to banks of file cabinets and to cease using outside storage facilities to house contract files.
  • The client is extremely pleased with the solution and finds FileBound to be user-friendly and intuitive, which allows users at various levels to confidently and competently use the system in ways that maximize their results.