Mobile PSA

A simple, reliable time and expense reporting tool for the workforce on the move.

Managing timesheets and expense reports for your workforce, project teams, and professional services resources is now even simpler with Tenrox Mobile.  Team members can easily and quickly submit and track project time and expense reports directly from a smartphone or tablet on the iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms.

Mobile Apps for Project Time Tracking and Expense Reporting

Tenrox mobile time and expense reporting software features:

  • Access your timesheets and submit your expense reports using the convenience of your smartphone or tablet
  • Track and manage entries using controls that are native to each device
  • Instantaneous synchronization with your account to utilize up-to-date customer, project, and task data
  • Easy expense entry when you are on the go including using pictures of receipts taken from your smartphone or tablet
  • Work online from anywhere at anytime

Project Time Tracking and Expense Reporting – download is free on any device

Tenrox Mobile apps are all free and only require a user’s Tenrox credentials to sync with their account. To run the iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry applications, a Tenrox user license is required.

Mobile PSA| Professional Services Automation

Home Page View

One-Stop Shop
Quickly access your timesheet and expense report and items that you need to

Mobile PSA| Professional Services Automation

Expense Entry

Wizard-Style Entry Screens
Track your expenses in wizard-style entry screens. Use your phone’s camera to take pictures of your expenses to attach.


Mobile PSA| Professional Services Automation

Expense Report

See the status of your expense reports or create a new expense report as needed.

Mobile PSA| Professional Services Automation

Timesheet Entry

Entry screen
Create new entries against your projects or track leave time entries.

Synchronized with Web App
The timesheet synchronizes with your pre-configured templates to give same look as web app.