Tenrox Project Management Software

Workflow Engine

All Tenrox project workforce processes are driven by an underlying business process management (BPM) platform that provides a graphical representation of your work processes to simplify workflow design, configuration, change management and self-service. The graphical workflow interface enables you to visually define, control, track and audit approvals, routing, role-based assignments and notifications. All processes use the same graphical workflow design concepts and management interface providing a consistent user experience, an intuitive Web interface that is easy to learn, and more natural to understand and follow. This significantly facilitates compliance and encourages team collaboration, participation and process standardization.

Tenrox leverages Microsoft Workflow Foundation to provide a visual representation of your business processes. Tenrox graphical workflow engine allows you to draw your business process, similar to how you would design a chart in Visio. The difference is that as you draw the process, the workflow engine actually enforces and manages the process and all of the business rules for you.

Benefits of workflow-driven Work Process Management:

Reduce your dependence on IT: Define your work policy validated at point of entry, change approval routes and roles, and add/remove fields and notifications without the need for custom programming and without involving any IT resources.

Lower maintenance costs: Tenrox software immediately adapts to your needs as your organization and work processes, policies and structures change. Graphical workflow engine lets you “drag and click” to design or change your work processes.

Rollout self-service portals with visual feedback: Provides users with the self-services queries and work lists they need to answer their most common questions such as: Who is looking at my issue, change request, expense report? Why was my budget request rejected?

Implement a standards-based approach to managing work processes: Makes it simpler to extend the same platform to automate and standardize more work processes. For example a company can start by automating their issue tracking then use the same workflow engine to automate scope change management, risk assessment, leave requests and other work processes.

Quickly identify and implement best practices: a workflow engine makes it much easier to collaborate on and establish best practices across the organization including the implementation of agile processes.

Ensures compliance, auditing and reporting: Tenrox workflow engine provides auditing, reporting and analysis of all data changes, deletions, creations and all approvals/rejections to increase corporate accountability and transparency, reduce risk and facilitate compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, DCAA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Change is here to stay. Why deploy bloated and inflexible business solutions that are obsolete even before they are deployed? User-configurable workflows mean your investment will be continuously aligned with your evolving and current business needs.

Tenrox Work Process Management Software Features:

  • Graphical project process designer; used to design and manage all work processes
  • Web architecture; no client-side installation
  • Configurable role-based (end user, manager and administrator) views
  • Any number of user defined fields can be added to any entry form
  • Sequential, parallel and line-item approval, routing
  • Pre and post process triggers
  • Event, escalation, or aging-based notifications
  • Sub-workflow support
  • Extensive pre-built standard and OLAP reports
  • Documented data model and Web Services enables you to customize/create your own views, reports, extensions and integrations