Project Planning Software

Deploy Tenrox Cloud-based Project Planning software in minutes not months to rediscover simplicity and ease of use. While other project planning tools keep adding bloated complex seldom used functions we work hard every day to eliminate them. Our goal is to help you create, change and share your project plans faster. Our tool is totally integrated with all Tenrox modules, and Tenrox project plans are totally interchangeable with Microsoft Project.

Planning a project using conventional project planning software tools is a major challenge for today’s decentralized and globally dispersed project teams. Whether the projects you are planning and tracking are billable or internal, you are dealing with what we refer to as the project workforce. Tenrox project planning software provides you with a simple, effective cloud-based alternative to heavy, complex, hard to learn and hard to use project planning tools.

Tenrox project planning software benefits:

  • Easy to use; a project planning tool that intentionally lacks any complex features
  • Quick implementation; light project planning software that takes a few minutes to setup
  • Browser deployed project planning tool with no client installation or maintenance required
  • Flexible delivery model; Choose between cloud-based project management and on-premise
  • Project plans are easily interchangeable with Microsoft Project files

Here is a quick overview of the main features:

Tenrox Project Planning Software Features

  • Gantt chart – Graphically draw the project plan; include any task dependencies by visually adjusting task durations and priorities, and by linking tasks to each other.
  • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) – Import project teams and assign resources to tasks. RBS Chart shows the resources and their task lists for work assignment and planning.
  • Collaboration – Work on your private project plan as a local file. When ready save the plan to the database to collaborate with other project managers and team members who can check out, modify and check in their changes to the plan.
  • Budgeting – You can create a plan that specifies all task budgets. The published plan places the tasks on user timesheets and optionally enforces the budgets.
  • Accurate effort tracking – Tenrox project planning is totally integrated with ourtime and expense tracking function. Your actuals can be used to compare planned versus actual effort. The same actuals can also be used for cost allocation, chargeback and billing.
  • Resource scheduling – You can quickly assemble a project team by searching for the most qualified resources who have the skills, availability, cost or billing profile you are looking for. The availability of team members who are assigned to the project is automatically updated to reflect their new assignments.
  • Budget, status, cost and billing reports – View real-time project status, budget, and cost/revenue reports. The reports can be configured to include your specific project tracking metrics.
  • Integration – Project Plan is integrated with all Tenrox modules. Create a plan, build a project team, assign resources and track progress with Time and Expense Tracking. View planned versus actual work at any time.

The Gantt chart displays the project work breakdown structure including task dependencies, scheduling constraints, duration of each task and percent complete. Gantt charts help project teams visualize and understand the project’s major activities, milestones, and current status.

Project Planning Tools - Scheduling Software for Project Planning

Project Planning Gantt Chart: Click to Enlarge

Project planning software from Tenrox makes project planning fast and simple

Tenrox Project Planning looks just like Microsoft Project, only simpler. Tenrox project planning software is designed as an alternative to large complex planning tools. Tenrox Project Planning reduces bloated unnecessary complexity and totally eliminates the need to install and manage hard to understand, hard to implement and hard to maintain project planning tools. Simplify your project planning and execution by choosing the most intuitive, fully integrated, functional but anti-bloat, and headache-free solution.