AccuRoute improves efficiency to meet fluctuating demands by streamlining data-driven workflows.

AccuRoute provides innovative automated capture, scan, fax, and workflow capabilities built to meet the unique needs of any enterprise. Automation saves time in processes while simultaneously saving time in errors. Scalability allows for your processes to grow as your business does. Fit automation into where it matters most. To deliver a platform for enterprise use, solutions must meet the needs of small businesses and be able to scale to support large, global corporations.

AccuRoute is:

  • Distributed — Accessible from any desktop, MFP, or network scanner
  • Easy to Use — For every user and leverage integrations with native applications
  • Scalable — From the smallest company or departmental application to enterprise-wide deployments
  • Interconnected — With IT infrastructures and corporate compliance requirements while providing seamless integration to line-of-business applications
  • Reliable and Supportable — Backed by mission-critical application support
  • Extensible — To support future expansion

Streamline Your Workflows

Automate your essential business workflows to save your employees valuable processing time while simultaneously helping them reduce common errors. You need a scalable solution that allows for your processes to grow as your business dictates. One that you can use to automate the tasks you choose – from streamlining data entry tasks, to increasing the efficiency of your mailroom through digital frameworks. Gain the peace of mind your business requires from a single, secure document capture, fax and workflow solution.

  • Save time, and allow employees and distributed teams to become more efficient through streamlined workflows.
  • Keep peace of mind, through electronic backup. No matter the threat or disaster, your organization needs a solution that creates a secure environment for information to reside.
  • Stay within compliance and avoid unnecessary fines by capturing, processing, and delivering document-centric content to appropriate recipients and destinations while keeping information secure, meeting regulatory requirements, and providing a complete audit trail.
  • Automate forms entry through data classification and extraction for improved forms automation.
  • Save costs through fax consolidation and adoption of Fax over IP (FoIP).
  • Never lose track of your documents, through extensive tracking, logging, and archiving thanks to the digitization of paper documents.

Enterprise organizations rely on AccuRoute for smarter document workflows, lower costs, and reduced risk with solutions for:

Branch and

Enable enterprise-wide information accessibility by making your locations more connected. Create a better balance by improving productivity and increasing efficiency while decreasing actual document-related costs.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Protect pertinent information, and sidestep potential threats to your business by adopting a solution that ensures the safety of your documents.

Compliant Document Capture

Adhere to regulatory requirements by automating your processes with highly repeatable workflows that can be configured to exactly your company’s needs.

Vendor Invoice Processing

Accelerate the flow of invoices and related information through approval cycles and into standard financial systems. You can capture vendor invoices (by administrative staff or the accounting department) and collect related billing codes, dates, and billing categories and immediately process the invoice and send it with a scanned image for approval.

Fax Integration and Consolidation

Harness network-connected MFPs and scanners to consolidate fax infrastructures and deliver cost-efficient and compliant communications. AccuRoute Fax instantly digitizes fax images for faster processing, response times, and integration with other workflow systems and business processes.

Mail Room Automation

Keep your administrators desktop clear of document related tasks, reduce clerical errors and increase overall speed and efficiency in delivering documents to where they need to go.

Forms Automation

Automate document handling processes through classification and extraction of system generated PDF forms and by decoding number barcode formats, including 1-D, 2D and QR Codes. AccuRoute can feed the captured information into numerous data sources along with the captured document converted into an appropriate format.

Contract Management

Capture procurement and contract-related documents, process them so they are easily searchable and accessible. Easily distribute document-centric content to as many destinations as desired, including network folders, document archives, and fax and email recipients— all with one scan.

Move to more progressive business processes utilizing AccuRoute