AccuRoute’s automated capture and workflow solutions are making the dream of a paperless branch a reality.

We want to help you rethink the way you handle corporate documents. Increasingly stringent compliance guidelines, coupled with the need for more efficient business processes, requires financial organizations to automate document-centric workflows. Don’t bury your employees and clients in paperwork. Make the move to the paperless branch.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and save time when you automate processes related to new client onboarding, loan and mortgage origination, contract management, fax-based branch communications, and more.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for transparent, accessible, and auditable capture and fax communications amongst employees.
  • Empower your staff to move faster with one extensible, easy-to-use platform that takes documents and puts them into highly-accessible back-end processes.
  • Lower your total costs by consolidating fax infrastructure by relying on Fax over IP technology that enables least-cost routing.
  • Reduce risk and improve auditing and tracking by using a highly-scalable, reliable infrastructure that seamlessly supports a wide range of geographically dispersed financial institutions.
  • Protect sensitive data with secure communications and the ability to hold documents until authorized users can access them.

Some of the world’s largest financial services firms rely on AccuRoute for smarter document workflows, lower costs, and reduced risk with solutions for:


Reduce or eliminate reliance on paper documents by providing a highly scalable, reliable and extensible platform that supports small and large institutions, a wide range of employees, and thousands to millions of pages of scanned documents and images.


Meet regulatory guidelines thanks to our secure and compliant fax-based communication infrastructure that keeps sensitive customer data intact and accessible only to authorized users.

Secure Communications

Handle regulated employee communications by keeping them transparent, accessible and auditable – meeting regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Biley, SEC 17-A(4), and Anti-Money Laundering.

Loan Processing and Mortgage Origination

Accelerate and simplify your workflows to improve productivity, reduce document handling costs and improve customer satisfaction thanks to faster processing time.


Bring new clients online faster on everything from desktops and laptops to tablets so that no matter where your branch location, you are informed and prepared to offer fast service to clients.


Eliminate costly, legacy fax lines and hardware through the use of Fax over IP (FOIP) and advantages of least cost routing capabilities.

Enable the paperless branch using AccuRoute.