You have a vision of how to provide customers with innovative solutions to capture, process, deliver, and access document-centric content in a digital era.

We understand the strategic role that document capture, fax, and workflow solutions play in an organization’s business processes, and we know what customers want in a solution. With more than 25 years of partnership experience, we create mutually beneficial and profitable business partnership outcomes. Our solutions are the top choice of more than half of the AMLAW 100, some of the world’s largest financial institutions, and many Fortune 500 companies.

Upland Document Workflow Cloud’s product solutions — Upland AccuRoute, Upland FileBound, Upland Intelligent Capture, and Upland InterFAX — combine disparate, disjointed business processes into streamlined lifecycles that capture data and content, automate workflows, and offer strategic insights based on intelligent analytics. Our solutions remove process bottlenecks and improve efficiency, all while ensuring critical data is secure and compliant to standards across all industries. Upland Document Workflow Cloud empowers organizations to focus on high-value goals that boost business performance instead of getting lost in the process details of comprehensive content management and maintenance.


Document Lifecycle Automation

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chevron Digitize
Digitize to safeguard data while taking compliance, security, and accessibility into account.
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chevron Organize
Intuitive, straightforward organization is critical for a successful digital transformation.
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chevron Automate
Automate workflow reviews and approvals to drive ROI by streamlining lifecycles while ensuring audit readiness.
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Leverage content across systems, reduce human error, and eliminate duplicates while ensuring a single system of record.
Pair system analytics with team feedback to expose and alleviate process hurdles to optimize your systems to full efficiency.
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& Dispose
Origination through end of life, archival and disposal tools help ensure you have access to needed data while mitigating risks.

We Help Organizations Accomplish More

  • Enable Remote Work

    Dealing with capture, documents, workflow processes, and central repositories remotely can be a breeze with the right resources.

  • Increase Productivity

    Automated processes alleviate tedious manual work and eliminate errors, so workers can complete tasks faster and focus on high-value work.

  • Secure Data

    Our solutions ensure compliance with regulatory standards and keep sensitive data secure using features like encryption, logging, backups, and data loss prevention.

  • Ensure Business Continuity

    We give organizations peace of mind by providing the ability to seamlessly collaborate and work from anywhere with no business disruption.

  • Lower Costs

    Organizations reduce their bottom lines by automating processes, consolidating infrastructure, and integrating with existing systems and applications.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Automating processes creates more time to focus on delivering reliable, high-value products and providing superior customer service.

Document Workflow Cloud | Product Solutions


Upland AccuRoute enables secure scan, capture, and fax communications solutions for a remote workforce. Our server-based, out-of-the-box enterprise-class document process automation platform provides solutions to capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents from a single, unified platform.

Upland FileBound empowers the virtual workforce with cloud-ready, intelligent automated workflow, and document management solutions. Our product allows users to build automated workflow processes and centrally manage documents to improve compliance, collaboration, and access to information.

Upland Intelligent Capture is the premier multi-tenant, cloud-ready capture solution outfitted with machine learning technology to automatically gather images and improve data accuracy every time information is captured and is accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

Upland InterFAX helps users to cost-effectively fax at volume to anywhere in the world quickly, reliably, and securely, enabling fax transmission and delivery from any internet-connected application with no installations needed. Our integrated faxing developer API allows users to tailor services to their needs.

Why partner with AccuRoute and Upland Document Workflow Cloud?

We offer scalable, reliable, and extensible solutions. Together with our partners, these solutions offer the quality, security, and scale required for success and deliver high-value business outcomes. Our vision? Let’s make the paperless office a reality and guide organizations to meet the challenges of the digital era—together.

Reseller Partners

Exceed Customer Expectations

We partner with resellers and technology consulting companies whose offerings complement our solution set and align with our core mission of being the trusted provider of forward-thinking digital strategies and document-related software solutions from project concept and installation through to ongoing support and management. To ensure customer expectations are met, these partners invest in official Upland training programs to develop product skills and competency.

Strategic Alliance Partners

Integrated Solutions from Industry Leaders

Our Strategic Alliance Partners include many leading technology solution providers and are at the center of our partner ecosystem. Together, we deliver the ultimate business document workflow solutions to help customers enhance their existing communication environments, protect their long-term investments, improve productivity, and streamline document capture, fax, and workflow throughout the enterprise.


Technology Partners

Satisfy Customers with Robust Solutions

Our Technology Partners are independent hardware or software companies committed to creating innovative technology.  By integrating industry-leading applications and services into the Document Workflow Cloud solution suite, we strategically deliver complete end-to-end solutions that streamline business processes and allow us to respond quickly to evolving technology needs to create demonstrable ROI for our customers.

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