Use Cases

Secure Capture and Fax Solutions for Any Industry

AccuRoute is a highly configurable and customizable capture and fax solution that enables businesses to get more work done from anywhere. Our solution allows users to securely capture documents from a desktop or mobile device, automatically extract key data, then process and route them to appropriate downstream products or on to storage, as needed.

AccuRoute is versatile and integrates with many applications and products to support almost any document-centric use cases you can throw at it. From simple to complex workflows, we make dealing with documents more efficient and user-friendly so your busy staff can focus their time and talents on high-value work, instead of tedious manual processes.

Mobile Capture

Empower a remote workforce with the capability to securely and easily scan documents from anywhere, then quickly route to existing workflows or email to recipients.

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Faxing Solutions

Tailor fax to your needs with on-premise, hybrid, or cloud faxing capabilities that adhere to worldwide compliance regulations to ensure data security and privacy.

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MFP and Scanner Integrations

Enable your existing MFP and scanning devices and empower staff with a wide variety of powerful, easy-to-use tools and custom workflow capabilities.

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Digital Mailroom

Make all of your document-driven processes easier and enable a remote workforce by implementing capture standards at the point of reception – the mailroom.

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Records Scanning

Simplify document handling in the records room or in the DMS using one resource to streamline both large back-scanning projects and day-forward processes.

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Interested at a look by industry? Check out our vertical solutions!

  • Legal Solutions

    Legal teams are finding ways to more effectively manage paper processes through digitization, striving for a paper light future that promotes work from anywhere.

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  • Financial Solutions

    Don’t bury your customers in paperwork. Make the move to the paperless branch while ensuring compliance with regulatory data privacy and security standards.

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  • Healthcare Solutions

    Our solution securely streamlines the most basic to the incredibly complex document-driven processes, so your busy staff can focus on providing superior patient care and services.

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  • Enterprise Solutions

    We offer on-demand capture, document-centric workflow automation, and fax for every industry. Our solutions are scalable to meet the needs of businesses of any size.

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