AccuRoute Content Monitor – Document Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard Critical Data while Preventing Data Breaches

In today’s business climate, data security and compliance are more critical than ever. Upland’s enterprise-class secure document capture and fax solution, AccuRoute, includes robust and intuitive security features designed to safeguard customer data and facilitate data loss detection and prevention.

AccuRoute Content Monitor allows organizations to easily monitor documents traveling through their enterprise for sensitive or confidential information. By using specific rule sets, AccuRoute Content Monitor can execute workflows based on the information it finds to protect sensitive information from leaving the organization – or at a minimum, the ability to trace that information.

This robust solution gives users the ability to:

  • Search and detect key terms or sequences in scanned, faxed, or printed (if they pass through AccuRoute) documents that may indicate the presence of confidential information or sensitive data
  • Configure specific workflow rules for each flagged term
  • Review flagged documents and related rule sets
  • Create gated security blocks for sensitive data

Detect and prevent data loss using AccuRoute Content Monitor