This is Your Quality Control Command Center

Traditionally, managing business processes meant creating multiple copies of documents and creating inefficient manual processes for tracking documents and their required data collection, approval, and signatures. Now, with AccuRoute Queue, users can easily capture documents and efficiently manage the entire queue process electronically.

AccuRoute Queue gives users control of documents that are in-process and may require manual intervention or external system access to address exceptions, like missing information or signatures. Users can quickly and easily specify the stages a document must flow through and the criteria used to evaluate the completion of each stage, based on their organization’s processes. They system also automatically identifies documents that have not met all the criteria required for their defined process and delivers the necessary means to manage queues of these documents through to completion.

Automating a specific document process requires a captured document to proceed through one or more stages of:

  • Additional data collection and/or validation
  • Data exchange with other applications
  • Visual reviews and/or approvals
  • Collection of electronic signatures


AccuRoute Queue Benefits

Confidentiality and Security

With flexible rules, you can ensure confidentiality, and restrict AccuRoute Queue access to users by the line of business’s they are assigned to, as well as, restrict permissions to actions and functions required for a particular user.

Greater Efficiency

Quickly combine multiple documents relating to a specific matter into a multi-page document set prior to being routed or archived, eliminating the need for the recipient to waste time looking through their e-mail or archives for related documents.

Eliminates Lost Documents

The AccuRoute Server tracks, logs, and archives every document that is processed by the AccuRoute Queue administrator to minimize the chance a critical communication is lost or mishandled.

Improves Time to Revenue

With early intervention and review, invoices, explanation of benefits, and billing documents can be approved and assumed complete to move quickly and efficiently.

Adapt your solutions to be more efficient and less error prone with AccuRoute Queue