Document Loss Prevention Services

Whether malicious or accidental, help prevent data losses from internal resources by locating flagged terms or patterns on documents, and preventing them from external removal. Once threats are identified, the flagged information can be audited, reviewed for release, or withheld completely.

Automate Time-Consuming Processes

Data capture can be tedious, but we have the solution. From batch scanning records for electronic conversion, to data entry and document profiling, automation can save time, stress, and prevent human error.

Get Time Back with Simplified Data Capture

Our enterprise-class document workflow platform uniquely delivers flexible, distributed capture through a highly scalable and customizable software architecture. This allows you to simplify your document-centric processes without time-consuming, expensive implementation cycles.

Dynamic Tools to Empower Users

Tie specific security, rights and permissions, and network access directly to employee badges building a customizable experience for each user at the device while ensuring integrated compliance.

Integrate with Your Environment

We seamlessly integrate with industry leading hardware and software providers to tie together your environment for an optimal user experience and fully efficient use of your systems.

Automate Processes While Preventing Document Loss


Safeguard Critical Data, Prevent Document Losses

In today’s business climate, data security and compliance are more critical than ever.

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Datasheet: AccuRoute Content Monitor