Upland Intelligent Capture lets users capture documents, automatically extract data, then route to workflows from any device.

We are creating integrated product solutions to allow you to complete your work from wherever you are. Intelligent Capture fits the universal needs of a document-intensive organization while allowing the flexibility to tailor the solution to unique needs based on size or industry. The rules-based architecture built into the foundation of Intelligent Capture allows images, documents, and data to be automatically extracted and transformed mid-transit. Point-based transformations using functions like OCR, conversion, compression, and even more complex functions like forms extraction are automated to simplify processes and unburden staff, allowing them to focus on more high-value work.

Whether you’re at your desktop, the home office, or traveling offsite, Intelligent Capture empowers you to complete your work in a secure and timely manner, anytime and from any device.

  • Easy to Set Up

    Get up and running instantly. Don’t waste time waiting for installations. Everything you need is already set up in the cloud.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Assured 99.9% up-time (excluding weekend maintenance windows) and enabled with PCI DSS Level 1 Certified fax.

  • Available Everywhere

    Capture-enable all of your devices from anywhere. Just go to a web page and log in to take advantage of all your tools.

  • Annual Pre-Paid Pricing Subscription

    Take advantage of more simple billing processes that can be rolled out as a subscription-based pre-paid service.

Automated Forms Classification and Data Extraction

Time is precious. Get yours back by eliminating manual data entry. Using forms automation powered with data extraction capabilities, Intelligent Capture instantly identifies documents based on the information contained within, then pulls relevant data out and sends it down its unique workflow path. Next, the data is automatically indexed, saving time by intuitively associating the extracted information with the document. This step eliminates tedious manual tasks and accelerates the document lifecycle while reducing errors associated with manual data entry.

Intelligent Capture Mobile Enables a Remote Workforce

To address the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, any images can be uploaded quickly and securely within the Upland application right from a user’s phone or camera. We provide customers with a “grab-and-go” user experience, where they can immediately begin using our resource with little to no training while knowing the data they capture will be accurate and secure.

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Effortlessly Send Content Anywhere, from Any Mobile Device.


Use your mobile device to quickly send content to existing Upland Intelligent Capture workflows, enabling a one-touch submission to your pre-configured actions.


Send content to yourself and then determine the next steps by forwarding it to MyFiles, Upland Intelligent Capture’s product-hosted, secure scan-to-self folder.


Scan, fax, and process documents while you’re on the go. With Upland Intelligent Capture you can easily capture any images, enter various destinations, and send directly from your smartphone.

Innovate your capture processes to automatically take care of the details