Providing litigation support through document capture and workflow processing solutions

The Company

This public defenders office is an agency of licensed attorneys assigned to represent people who are charged with a crime and desire legal representation, but cannot afford to hire a privately retained attorney.

Within this public defenders office is the Capital Habeas Corpus Unit (CHU). When appointed by a court, this unit represents death-sentenced prisoners in post-conviction proceedings. In a multi-faceted team approach, the CHU prides itself on treating its clients with the dignity and respect they are due while providing each client with the highest level of legal representation with respect to their convictions and death sentences.

CHU personnel regularly litigate in federal district courts, courts of appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. The CHU staff also provides training and consultation to members of the private bar handling capital cases. With an overarching commitment to bring their clients justice, CHU personnel are faced with the constant pressure of processing, searching and filing of paper documents – documents that are critical to their clients’ cases and often time-driven.

The Challenge

The Capital Habeas Corpus Unit of this public defenders office needed a cost-effective way to capture all the different types of legal documents that were in different formats, convert those documents into the desired format, and store them in their CT Summation litigation support system. The CHU also wanted their users to be able to walk-up to the nearest multi-function peripheral (MFP) and scan documents directly into litigation support, case management, and court filing systems with the ability to then search and retrieve critical case files when needed.

Knowing that AccuRoute had proven, native integration with many of the most widely used litigation support systems, including CT Summation, Omtool was immediately brought in to help deliver a cost-effective and efficient solution for this Capital Habeas Corpus Unit.

A New Way to Handle Paper Efficiently

The AccuRoute team recommended that the CHU make a change in its hardware and software that would greatly improve productivity and reduce cost, while making document scanning more user-friendly. The proposed solution included about 10 single and multi-function devices. These new devices, paired with Omtool’s AccuRoute® solution, allow scanned documents to be sent directly to the CT Summation litigation support system where they can be immediately profiled, indexed, stored in a unified format, and later searched and retrieved. This solution will create tremendous productivity improvements for the CHU staff members, significantly reduce high operating costs associated with older devices, and improve response times for death row inmate cases.

The Result

With the help of Omtool, the CHU will be able to increase their productivity and improve their response times through the use of pre-defined document workflows. CHU users can now walk up to any of their network-connected MFPs and select one of their pre-defined workflows, easily scan documents directly into CT Summation, quickly upload documents into the required formats, and search for case files by key words. Their staff is now able to more efficiently and effectively prepare legal documents for court appeals in death row cases.

Using AccuRoute, this public defenders’ office can now:

  • Streamline document handling across departments
  • Integrate case files with business-specific systems
  • Implement cost-effective document management software

The successful work by this CHU team, with the use of these Omtool solutions and document-handling tools, can literally mean the difference between life and death!

“The attorneys and staff at this public defenders office were in desperate need of an efficient way to handle their legal documents and immediately retrieve critical case files that were vital to their litigation work. This solution delivered!”

Federal Account Manager


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