Case Study

Global 100 Financial Firm

The Challenge

Global 100 Financial Firm Over time, financial organizations have built enterprise-class technology infrastructures. In some cases, these infrastructures were constructed due to mergers and acquisitions. Multiple branch and office locations make supporting this environment a logistical challenge, and can also prove costly to maintain. One large, global 100 ‘Company’ in this situation needed a comprehensive solution for automating its fax, scan, and document distribution processes for its 30,000 worldwide employees. This print-based initiative would also need to reduce costs while meeting corporate and government regulatory obligations to track communications of its regulated employees.

The Company also saw these additional benefits:

  • Reduced costs through fax network infrastructure and hardware consolidation
  • Full compliance for fax communications to avoid potentially significant fines
  • Extensibility to many document-routing workflows requiring multiple distributions, archiving, and security
  • Greater productivity through highly available and distributed MFPs
  • Lower costs associated with filing, maintaining, and accessing paper documents that are readily accessible intext-searchable formats.

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