Hybrid application environments for every need

Upland Document Workflow products bridge the gap between on-premise functionality and cloud capabilities when it comes to document capture, routing, delivery, and beyond.

These days, many organizations are looking at hybrid technology as a way to begin their digital transformation journey. Hybrid applications provide the great benefit of no maintenance and reduced IT overhead with the same great benefits of an on-premise environment. By combining one or more Upland Document Workflow products, you can stay integrated and in touch with your local devices, applications and networks without having to deal with the servers.

A few benefits of hybrid applications:

  • Easily add technology to existing implementations and scale endlessly
  • Maintain local presence for connections that require it while improving accessibility for remote workers
  • Benefit from a flexible set up that relies on existing local connections but includes benefits of cloud accessibility
  • Ensure business continuity in any circumstance via redundancy, failover, and load balancing

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