Drive Digital Transformation from the Mailroom

Digital Mailroom Webinar

According to a survey conducted by Computer Weekly in October 2020, 89% of CIOs have seen an acceleration in Digital Transformation processes in the last 12 months, and 89% also see a need for more agile, scalable IT infrastructure to allow for contingencies​. Join Blake Gilmore as he shares Upland Document Workflow Cloud’s strategic approach to implementing Digital Transformation solutions right at the point of document reception for many organizations –  the mailroom. During this digital mailroom webinar, Blake discusses:

  • A brief overview of Digital Transformation
  • The “virtual” digital mailroom, including how to connect Digital Transformation strategies and manage incoming content
  • Creating the connection between the physical mailroom and the digital mailroom
  • An overview of the Document Lifecycle and how to capture and connect processes to achieve successful outcomes

Our Speaker

Blake Gilmore is a digital native who helps organizations to achieve their Digital Transformation goals through process consulting and software. Blake has guided more than 100 clients on their journey and builds upon these experiences to help individuals better understand the positive impacts of technology and innovative processes to benefit their organization.

Presented by:

Blake Gilmore
Director of Product Management

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