Connecting the best technology, service, and know-how in the industry

We understand that different clients bring with them different situations. It has never been easier to manage your needs and personalize your marketing success through one of our partners. By working with our chosen agency, connected technology, and strategy partners, we enable you to create a digital marketing landscape that delivers results and develops new opportunities.

An Extensive Partner Ecosystem

  • Integrations

    Powerful “off-the-shelf” integrations to support your business needs, from CRM platforms like Salesforce to leading analytics providers Google and Adobe. Find out more about how you can integrate these applications with your existing systems to streamline your business processes and develop timely, successful customer engagement.
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  • Technology Partners

    We enjoy strong relationships with some of the industry’s leading data, analytics, and content companies. Innovative technology is available whether you are looking to streamline activity across your customer touchpoints, extend your multichannel capabilities, or introduce contextual and dynamic content to create even more engaging emails.
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  • Agency Partners

    Our global reseller network comprises agencies and marketing services providers from a wide range of specialisms and sectors. Powered by Adestra, our partners are able to provide their customers with leading email technology and unrivaled services and support with the flexibility to personalize, price, and configure to suit their needs.
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  • Strategic Partners

    Active membership across a wide range of industry bodies ensures that Adestra is not only shaping the future of email and digital marketing but also offers our clients the most up-to-date guidance and information to shape and futureproof their customer engagement strategies.
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