Account Structure

Adaptable structure

Upland Adestra’s account structure provides the foundations for sustainable brand management. An infinitely scalable account recognizes the need for growth, new business, and diversification. It’s never been easier to work as a team without compromising overall visibility.

Your business is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are we. Large-scale enterprises, agencies, retailers, and membership organizations are particularly likely to benefit from the structural control and multiple account configurations available within our platform. Structured for every user, this facilitates cross-business collaboration while still maintaining overall control and visibility. Easily assign levels of access to clients or colleagues with our intuitive options, and increase end-user productivity by setting preferences and permissions.

Distributed Marketing

Remain in control with a centrally managed master account, while easily moving marketing staff across business units as needed.

Marketing Collaboration

Maintain clean branding within a singular master account, regardless of how many workspaces you create.

Consistent Content

Our in-platform user access controls enable you to improve your email campaign quality while saving you valuable time.

Top-Level Control

Manage settings across your whole account, regardless of business size.

Data Compliance

Lock down access to data, downloads, and sensitive information to account administrators and key users only.

Reporting Clarity

Analyze, interpret, and benchmark data across all of your account levels.

Request a demo to see how our infinitely scalable email account structure can be applied to your specific business needs.