Data Management

Flexibility without constraints

Leverage data across your whole business using our dedicated email marketing integration functionality.

We offer you the ability to store demographics, observed behaviors, and transactional activities in a flexible way to enable easy interpretation, advanced segmentation, and effective targeting. Through a flexible combination of tables, Upland Adestra’s platform allows you to mirror the needs of your existing database structure.

Multi-Table Structure

Adestra allows you to create an infinitely scalable structure of data tables and lists.

List Management

Combine data to create a dynamic list, or automatically synchronize data into your campaigns from a remote source.


Filter a specified portion of your data according to the rules that you apply, while keeping your list intact.

Transactional Data

Uniquely identify an email address by the products purchased, the value of the transaction, and the date the purchase was made.


Sometimes an unsubscribe isn’t enough, therefore we enable you to suppress a contact from all further campaigns and ensure their data is not compromised.

Export Management

Our Export Manager gives you access to events data for analysis and email marketing CRM integration.

Data Compliance and Permission Management

Our platform supports you in the management of personal data, utilizing a simple import process which nevertheless provides an advanced level of security for peace of mind. Ensure email data compliance (e.g. GDPR) by gaining customer preferences, developing advanced segmentation strategies, and integrating your systems to ensure data compliance.

Use our best practice recommendations to curate and grow your client lists using clean, high-quality data.