Email Client Detection – How much do you really know about your Email Recipients?

One of the most powerful features you can use for campaign optimisation is email client detection reporting. Knowing which email clients your recipients are using is hugely important when planning your email campaigns.

Using this kind of data to ensure campaigns are optimised (design and CTAs) for your readers’ most popular email clients is a great way to improve your email marketing results!

How does this help?

Review your past email campaign data and see which your top email clients are for opens to determine how best to tailor your email content. Use the email client detection report to shape your email content with these tips:

  • If your top email client is a desktop client, such as Outlook, remember that images will not automatically download. Improve results by adding short, descriptive ALT text to encourage people to download images and lots of opportunities to click within the copy.
  • For webmail clients use lots of linked images, and ensure the amount of text is truly tailored to the email purpose – does it need lots of text to get your message across? Also consider spicing your email up with an animated gif or by integrating video within your email

Need some inspiration?

Check out these emails that are well tailored to the most popular email client of their recipients:

Simple and effective for webmail clients!


Great for desktop clients!


What does MessageFocus email client detection show you?

If you’re a MessageFocus client, you can find the Email Client Detection report in the campaign reporting tab. The feature provides you with an overview of the email clients that your campaigns have been opened on, and allows you to view specifically which webmail, desktop and mobile clients are being used to view your content:

There is also a tab to look at hits, showing the version (where available) of email client and the browser for webmail clients. This allows you to ensure you’re designing content that has been optimised for your most popular browser. It also enables you to tailor your content so it’s designed to maximise response rates for your campaign.

Check out what kind of insights you can glean from digging into your campaign email client data. And if you are a MessageFocus user, contact your account manager to discuss your requirements, analyse your deliverabilty and maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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