Getting your Emails Delivered – 3 Essentials Things you Should Action Immediately

It seems many of our clients have read the recent Inbox Placement Benchmarks Report by Return Path and if you haven’t, it makes for some interesting reading and headline figures:

  • 4% global decline in deliverability of emails sent to opt-in subscribers inbox’s since 2012
  • The UK saw a larger 7% decline in deliverability with only 83% of opt-in subscribers actually getting emails in their inbox
  • In the UK – AOL, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail have a 93%, 93% and 91% inbox placement rate respectively

Deliverability is at the centre of email marketing. If you’re not getting into the inbox, then everything else is rather fruitless. Adestra wouldn’t be in the proud position it is today without an extremely good reputation for deliverability.

There is simply no silver bullet in guaranteeing that your emails will be delivered. Like any business though, it’s all about the foundations you lay to build upon. You need a good foundation to your email marketing to give you the best possible chance of getting your fantastic emails delivered to even the most enthusiastic subscribers. If you don’t, then you’re not going to understand what is affecting deliverability if you ever encounter an issue.

1. Authenticate your “from address”

Are you sending from an address that looks on-brand? e.g. Or are you sending from something like

If your answer is the latter, then it’s key for you to setup an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record on your domain to allow you to send from an on-brand address. An SPF allows MessageFocus to send emails using your own domain name with the correct authentication so that spam filters don’t stop the mail from being delivered.

If you’re using an on-brand address, but you’re not sure if you have an SPF record in place, contact Support or your Account Manager who can check for you.

2. Delegate a subdomain

Whenever you send a campaign from MessageFocus, any links that are present are encoded (replaced with a unique URL) so they can be tracked for reporting. This links are encoded using a “˜delegated’ subdomain which, by default, is something like

For the purposes of deliverability, and brand recognition, we recommend that a client delegates a their own subdomain using a CNAME record. So, if your domain is, your subdomain could be Again, the Support team or your Account Manager can assist in providing further details for what you need to do to get this setup.

3. Host your files on the newly delegated domain

As a final step to ensuring you have the correct foundations for best deliverability, MessageFocus allows you to host your email collateral in the File Manager. When uploading or unzipping files in the File Manager, you can select your newly delegated domain which will then be used to host things like your images.

Again, by doing this, you’re making the links to images more on-brand and removing the default links from within the entire HTML source and body of your email campaigns being sent.

Why is this essential, why do I need to do this?

There is a very simple reason for putting these foundations in place – and simply put, it removes any reference to from within your emails. If you consider how many emails are sent by Adestra and how many webmail/emails clients will see emails with somewhere in them, it starts to make sense that they may treat them with a little more rigour than emails that don’t.

By having an authenticated from address and delegating a subdomain for your links, you’re giving your emails a better chance to be judged on their own merits, whilst being on-brand at the same time – it’s a win-win!

Speak to your Account Manager today who will be able to assist in checking your domains and guiding you through this process.

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