Introducing Adestra’s Next Generation Email Editor: A Step Change in Email Design & Execution

The days of frustrating email creation are about to end. We’re delighted to introduce our next generation Email Editor, built to help marketers focus on strategy and content, and designers on creating innovative, exciting designs. You can watch a short video introducing it, and read more about the benefits below.

Leave beautiful design to the designers…

Email designers and developers love to produce campaigns that stand out in the inbox, which is a marketer’s ultimate goal. They work hard to make emails render well on different devices including smartphones and tablets, but sometimes creating templates for WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors can hinder creativity and innovation. With our new Email Editor, designers can ensure that the integrity of their design is maintained without restraining creativity. Brands too, will love the ability to maintain brand consistent by locking down certain areas of their templates.

…and skilled execution to the marketers

At the end of the day, marketers are the ones doing the day-to-day heavy lifting of creating and sending campaigns. We wanted to help reduce the time it takes to get emails out the door, so they can focus on the all-important strategy and planning. With our new Email Editor, marketers can use modular design to build the perfect email suited to their message, a bit like using building blocks. This opportunity for flexibility and scalability is supported by the ability to use templates worry-free of errors, enabling marketers to focus on producing engaging content that truly resonates with their subscribers instead. After all, increasing engagement rates is what really matters, right?

Future Publishing reduced email creation time to 10 minutes and increased clicks by 500%

Future Publishing came to Adestra with a few objectives in mind. The company needed a mobile responsive template that could deliver instantly recognizable branding, work for multiple types of content, streamline the campaign creation process, and ultimately increase engagement. Our Digital Design team thought introducing it to the Email Editor would be just the answer it was looking for to fulfil the company’s goals. We created a bespoke template, as requested, which was so successful that it was repurposed across a number of different brands in the Future Publishing portfolio. A fantastic benefit of using the Editor is that campaign creation time was dramatically reduced to as little as 10 minutes. The new mobile responsive designs also had a fantastic impact on engagement, increasing clicks by 500%. Discover more of the company’s story in the full case study.

Phil Manger, Email Marketing Manager at Future Publishing commented on their experience with the Email Editor:

“We’ve been delighted to be one of the first to get our hands on Adestra’s new Email Editor. Our new fully responsive template is pretty awesome! We’ve seen a massive 500% increase in average click-through rates, as well as an uplift in revenue and a significant reduction in campaign creation time – to as little as 10 minutes! Also, its modular approach has been re-purposed for use across a number of different brands and campaign types, making it a truly scalable solution for Future Publishing and a step change in our email communication design and execution.”

Designing for the inbox of the future is designing for the customer journey

Despite all the industry buzz around mobile design, it is the entire customer journey that turns website visitors or email subscribers into customers. Is your message clear and compelling while your subscribers navigate from email to website and back again? A great customer journey is reflected in great conversion rates and happy customers. With device responsiveness taken care of in our Editor, all you need to worry about is optimizing your website. We’ve talked about this in more detail in one of recent webinars and now you can catch-up with the recording and slides whenever you’d like.

What we’ve outlined above are just some of the benefits of new Email Editor. This feature is available now, so why not get started today and see how it can help you get back to what you love?

To access it, simply ask your Account Manager to turn the feature on for you. Or if you’re new to MessageFocus, sign up for a demo.

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