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Case Study

Incisive Media automate personalised content based on actual behaviour to deliver improved results

Incisive Media embarked on a project to raise the bar and deliver...

Case Study

RCNi helps Nurses to complete their professional qualifications through an innovative and highly personalised email program

RCNi increased onsite engagement 305% with highly relevant emails.

Case Study

RCNi drives attendance at job fair events for Nurses through an innovative approach and a test and learn email program

Optimized automation increased RCNi's YoY event attendance by 39%.

Case Study

Immediate Media saves time, increases conversion and reduces risk by automating data processes

Learn how Immediate Media saves up to one day per week.

Case Study

From Manual to Marvelous: how automating data flows and streamlining processes helped The Stage achieve a 200% increase in engagement

Read how Adestra's Technical and...

Case Study

Lifecycle optimization drives revenue uplift for multi-channel retailer Ardington

Ardington realized that the programs were not performing as well as they...

Case Study

OECD‘s streamlined campaign creation enhanced results and database health

The OECD was not presenting a consistent image across its various audiences.

Case Study

A dramatic 90% reduction in production time transforms email for ABPG

ABPG wanted to streamline its email sending process.

Case Study

Kano Street Art Competition: cross-channel campaign drives awareness and generates 93.6% YoY uplift in site registrations

This campaign was all about raising awareness about coding.

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