Case Study

How a testing and optimization strategy helped MyOptique to increase revenue by 74%


MyOptique Group is the e-commerce leader across all eyewear categories – prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses in Europe. They operate several online brands, most known in the UK for Glasses Direct, Sunglasses Shop and Eyewearbrands.


  • To increase revenue generated by the group’s business as usual (BAU) emails
  • To develop a bank of customer insight that can be used to continuously optimize email and website performance

The Challenge

To develop an optimization strategy for BAU emails to ensure continual improvement of return on investment (ROI) from email.

The Solution

The marketing team at MyOptique took a systematic approach to developing their testing strategy. First they identified all the metrics that impact revenue generated from email (the KPI funnel):

  • Emails sent
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Average order value

Taking each metric in turn, they identified the influencers. For example, open rate is influenced by:

  • Deliverability
  • From name
  • Subject line
    • Length
    • Personalization
    • Symbols & emojis
    • Basic human direct response drivers ( such as urgency, scarcity, exclusivity or savings)
  • Pre-header
  • Day of week sent / Time of day sent

Not just that, they also discovered that conversions were affected by:

  • Continuous experience from email to website:
    • Landing pages
    • Ease of finding offer
    • Ease of entering a promo code
    • Clear T&Cs
  • Website design:
    • Optimized for UX
    • Responsive

They then considered how each of these influencers could be optimized and designed a testing plan to identify which variants worked best for their audience.

From subject lines, to click-to-action buttons, layout of the email, and landing pages, the team developed a structured testing plan that meticulously addressed every aspect of their email campaigns.



By developing a thorough testing and optimization strategy that optimized for every metric and influencer, Glasses Direct were able to achieve a significant uplift of 12% in Revenue per 1000 emails sent (RpK). This demonstrates that with a strategy of continuous testing and optimization, small incremental gains quickly add up to  a significant overall uplift in performance.  The brand also achieved:

  • An overall increase in revenue attributed to email of 74%
  • An increase of 12% for revenue per 1000 emails sent (RpK)
  • Overall order value (minus returns) has increased by 33%



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