Case Study

How Motorpoint Arena used email to gather valuable subscriber feedback


The Motorpoint Arena Nottingham is a 10,000 seat Arena playing host to hundreds of concerts, shows and sports events each year.


  • To improve customer engagement.
  • To attain valuable event feedback to identify areas of strength and improvement.
  • To gain further insights into customer demographics and behavior, such as travel and accommodation arrangements, to optimize the marketing of future events.

The Challenge

The main challenges faced by the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham were gaining more insight about audience demographics and needs, understanding how events were performing and establishing which parts of the customer experience could be improved.

The business was gathering post-event feedback via email, but using unresponsive, hard coded emails that offered no incentives. This made collecting valuable feedback difficult, especially from younger customers.

The Solution

The Motorpoint Arena Nottingham improved the design and responsiveness of their emails to aid in obtaining a higher volume of post-event feedback. Using Adestra’s Email Editor, the team were able to immediately develop mobile-friendly post-event email campaigns. They could rely on the emails not having any display issues, thanks to the fact that Adestra templates are designed to be fully responsive across all widely-used mobile devices.

As gathering feedback via any other marketing tool proved difficult, the post-event email campaigns were carefully designed following brand guidelines and sent to those who attended a specific event. With a clear statement explaining the purpose of the survey, as well as engaging images relevant to the event, each campaign encourages the customers to leave their feedback on their experience via a short survey. Alongside this, the team included an incentive in some of these emails, offering customers the chance to win a pair of tickets to a show of their choice.


By developing responsive and well-designed post-event email campaigns that are focused on motivating customers to share their experience, the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham has observed a significant improvement on engagement rates, with a 46% average open rate as well as 39% average click-to-open rate.

The Arena has been able to gather a higher volume of significant insight regarding their events, how their venue is perceived, staff performance and catering options, as well as their customers’ experience, demographics and behavior. Due to the success of these emails, the marketing team now have relevant data that is used for attracting advertising and sales partnerships, offering customers discounts on transport to events, and is also used for quarterly and annual business presentations.

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