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Immediate Media saves time, increases conversion and reduces risk by automating data processes


Immediate Media is one of the world’s most established publishers of titles spanning craft, gardening, food and many other areas.
Titles such as BBC Good Food, BBC Top Gear and Radio Times have become household names and the company continues to grow and diversify its portfolio by acquiring other businesses.


  • Save time and resource by automating data processes
  • Reduce risk of errors
  • Improve cross-sell conversion rate

The Challenge

Immediate Media’s Subscriptions Team are responsible for executing regular and ad hoc portfolio subscription emails with the aim of cross-selling titles. At peak times of the campaign calendar year this would be a big undertaking using the existing offline process. An XML file was generated using an Excel spreadsheet that depended on a host of formulas working correctly and data entry being accurate. Plus, any changes to the live data during the campaign were not automatically reflected in the XML (for example, pricing, copy, links, image). This meant that each campaign could take up to a day just to ensure all information was correct and populating as expected.

The Solution

As part of the regular account reviews, an opportunity was identified to streamline and automate the process. Immediate Media worked with Adestra Professional Services who proposed the XML feed be replaced by a brand and products table within the MessageFocus Platform.

This allowed Immediate Media to automate imports of CSV file product data into MessageFocus and removed the manual Excel element of the workflow to create the XML feed and campaign. This solution also ensures there is no disruption in content being generated should the XML feed fail or be too large.

The stored product data within the brand contains various details of each subscriptions, including pricing variants, as well as cross-sell products.
The stored cross-sell product SKU’s were then used to be able to recommend other similar subscriptions and titles within the email content.


Automating their data processes has streamlined the campaign execution process for Immediate Media by approximately 1 day a week during key campaign periods.

The time saved has been utilised for strategic planning to drive even greater efficiencies and better targeting of campaigns. As well as saving time, Immediate Media have improved data and information governance, and enabled increased improved cross-sell opportunities and performance.

What’s next?

Immediate Media’s Subscriptions Team are working on an API import feed automated between their ecommerce platform and Message Focus. This will allow an import of data from the website to the SFTP, which Message Focus will import to the new product table. This will mean the process is fully automated.

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