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Better targeting, segmentation and optimization drives 53% increase in RPE for Blinds To Go


Blinds To Go, Inc. was founded in 1954 and is based in Paramus, New Jersey with superstores in the eastern and midwest United States and Canada. For over 60 years, Blinds To Go has dedicated themselves to providing the finest quality blinds and shades at the lowest, factory-direct prices – delivered fast and custom made to a customers’ specification. The company retails its products online and through over 80 superstores.


  • Improve inbox placement
  • Deliver relevant and personalized content to customers
  • Increase long-term customer engagement ensuring Blinds To Go are front of mind for purchase

The Challenge

Blinds To Go was seeing inbox placement of around 30% for the major provider on their list. They were sending the same ‘one-size-fits-all’ content to everyone, with minimal segmentation and targeting, resulting in low engagement and high customer attrition. Additionally, they also had limitations on reporting, which meant they were unclear on the real size of their active audience.

The Solution

Adestra provided Blinds To Go with a dedicated IP address and deliverability advice to help them better manage their sender reputation. This included adjusting email frequency dependent on the level of engagement.

Blinds To Go also worked with Adestra to develop a segmentation strategy based on purchase history and email engagement. They identified eight segments from ‘new subscribers’ through to ‘lapsing email subscribers’ and ‘lapsed purchasers’. Then, they adjusted their messaging and approach dependant on the segment they were targeting in their email communications.

Next, they worked with Adestra to formulate a testing strategy across their business as usual and automated campaigns. They focused on improving open rates and click-through rates by optimizing subject lines, pre-header text, image placement and offer incentives.

Lastly, Blinds To Go implemented a re-engagement strategy. An automated email program was developed to target disengaged subscribers, and providing these contacts with unique discounts, as well as other offers and reasons explaining why they should engage with their email communications.


Blinds To Go reached 100% inbox placement across their seed-based reporting, with strong and consistent open rates across all Internet Service Providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail).

By developing a segmentation strategy and improving customer targeting as well as the relevance of their content, Blinds To Go have seen an impressive average increase of 53% revenue per email delivered (RPE).

What’s next?

The Blinds To Go team are planning to develop their content strategy further by identifying what can influence and increase the click-through rate. They plan to use email and website behavioral data to drive dynamic content in their email campaigns. They are also planning to improve subject line optimization by including relevant and personalized messages.

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