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Kano Street Art Competition: cross-channel campaign drives awareness and generates 93.6% YoY uplift in site registrations


Kano is a computer anyone can make™. Their mission is to give young people – and the young at heart – a simple, fun way to make and play with technology, and take control of the world around them.


  • Recruit new users to register on Kano World
  • Communicate directly and engage young users
  • Raise awareness of coding, Kano World and their products amongst users, parents, and educators
  • Start awareness earlier on in the year and keep Kano at the forefront of customers’ minds encouraging purchase for Christmas

The Challenge

There are more than 20 billion connected devices today, that take up much of our waking hours. Just 40% of schools in the US teach Computer Science and 1% of us can understand devices and modify them. Kano believes in a future where anyone can learn coding. This campaign was all about raising awareness about coding, the Kano World community, their products, and mission. As children are the main users of Kano products, the team wanted to get them excited about coding and encourage them to give it a go, and in so doing to raise awareness of Kano’s products and mission with their parents and educators.

The Solution

Kano devised a free-to-enter competition open to any age and in any country. To participate, users simply had to follow the Street Artist challenges step-by-step on Kano World (seven challenges that let you create spray paint art) and save their favorite Street Art creations.

The winner would see their art painted on a real wall for the world to see, as well as a Computer Kit to create even more art. Three runners-up would get their own Computer Kit to create and code more art, music, and games.

Kano promoted the competition via email to their newsletter subscribers, via social (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) and using paid social and sponsorship. They identified influencers for their target audience such as Crafty Girls on YouTube.

Kano ran an email Teaser Campaign from 05 April – 16 April 2018 to let people know about the upcoming competition. Newsletter subscribers were directed to a landing page on and encouraged to sign up to be the first to know when the competition was going live. The email achieved strong engagement of 39.4% open rate and 15.5% CTR.

The live campaign ran from 17 April – 7 May 2018. During this time, Kano sent emails to everyone who had opted in.

The Kano team segmented the audience by region to allow them to target users in the morning, as previous testing had shown that this generated better engagement.

It was segmented again by existing Kano World users and non-users. For non -users, an introduction to Kano World was included.

Kano ran A/B tests to better understand their audience and optimize campaign performance, for example: :

  1. Subject line testing: ‘Win Awesome Prizes’ versus ‘Winner winner chicken dinner’. ‘Winner winner chicken dinner’ showed a 9.71% uplift in open rate.
  2. Landing page testing: taking people to the Kano World homepage with more details about the challenges versus taking them directly to the first challenge. The results showed a 192% uplift in conversions (competition entries) when taking them to the Kano World home.

Further campaigns were sent to the same audience a few days before the competition was due to finish giving people a final chance to enter.


  • 5,807 entries to the competition
  • 4,163 Kano World accounts created during the competition. This is an uplift of 93.6% YoY
  • Greater site engagement: 10% of users who started their first challenge shared their Street Art coding creation (average share rate is 2%)
  • 338k views generated by Kano’s influencers (13.33% conversion rate)

What’s next

Kano are thrilled with the engagement generated by the competition and will reassess the awareness impact early next year. They will also review how many of the new users converted over the Christmas/gifting period in order to better understand the commercial impact.

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