Case Study

OECD enhance their email results by streamlining campaign creation

Find out how Adestra gave the OECD the building blocks to create content without knowing HTML.

How does an international organization create a consistent brand across divisions?

The OECD needed to bring their communications into alignment

With more than 20 newsletters being curated across its different divisions, the OECD was not presenting a consistent image to its various audiences. Emails varied widely in look, quality, and feel, and there was no opportunity to develop best practices or share learning across divisions. Additionally, senior management wanted to be able to measure the impact of the newsletters and better manage their data.

Upland Adestra helped them streamline the process

Adestra helped the OECD set up an email template that would deliver a consistent experience to recipients. It also helped the communications staff produce effective email campaigns more quickly, without needing to know HTML. Using reporting from other campaigns, the teams were able to improve their content by seeing what worked. The organization also cleansed its database, leading to a 93% decline in bounce rates.

Now, creation time is down and delivery rates are up

A flexible, easy-to-use template made all the difference

Upland Adestra assisted the OECD with a strategic customer success workshop to identify key areas of focus and ensure engagement growth. The workshop covered several Adestra customer success pillars, including Digital Design, List Growth & Data Management, and Testing and Optimization.

The Email Editor was used to build the email template, which allowed for layout modules to be designed, coded, and tested by an Adestra email designer. Communicators could then re-arrange, repeat, and edit modules to meet their requirements. Adestra’s Digital Design team created the template to be fully responsive across all widely used mobile devices.

Using the new template reduced campaign creation time from a week to just over a day which not only produced cost savings, it allowed the OECD staff to focus more time on strategy and optimization.

Find out the final results the OECD achieved by working with Adestra in the full case study below

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