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Re-engagement program re-activates over 8,000 contacts and increases clicks by 40%


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is working to engineer a better world. The increasing complexity and diversity of the engineering world brings many challenges, from skills shortages to consistency of professional standards. There has never been greater need for an independent, trusted body with international standing to deliver a clear vision and voice to address these challenges.

With a heritage reaching back over 140 years and nearly 160,000 members spanning 127 countries, the IET is well placed to support the engineers and technicians who share a common vision of working to engineer a better world.


  • Re-engage with subscribers who receive the Technical and Professional Community emails but do not open them
  • Filter out unengaged contacts
  • Improve overall email performance

 The Challenge

Putting in place a re-engagement plan was a complex task as the IET manage over 100 local networks and 20 technical and professional networks, all over the world. They decided to start with a few selected technical communities, and to test and expand the program from there.

One of the challenges was establishing what period of inactivity was significant within each network, but also preventing new subscribers from being placed in the non-engaged pool of contacts because they hadn’t opened a newsletter yet.

The Solution

By working with the data team, the IET created two filters which are automatically applied to the Community workspace in Adestra’s platform:

  • One filter separating contacts who had not opened an email in a period of 6-24 months depending on the level of engagement in each of the eight trial networks
  • A second filter to make sure new subscribers are not filtered out

To convince the unengaged subscribers to interact with their emails, the IET created a two-stage re-engagement program. In the first stage, contacts are filtered out of the regular monthly emails and are instead sent a personalized email with a mixture of upcoming events, literature and hot topic videos. One month later, contacts who still have not engaged with any of the community’s emails are sent another campaign with the message changing from ‘Don’t miss out’ to ‘Stay connected’.

To maximize the success of this strategy, all campaigns used split-testing in their subject lines to see if the inclusion of first name personalization influenced open rates.

The Result

By implementing this re-engagement program across eight trial communities, the IET have achieved some incredible results:

  • Successfully re-engaged 8,360 contacts of which 2,175 clicked-through
  • Increased overall open rates by 7.4% year on year
  • Increased overall click rates (of delivered) by 40% year on year
  • Subject lines with first name personalization have consistently performed better across the campaigns

The IET team are now looking to expand this re-engagement program to more communities and continue to maintain an active database of subscribers.


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