Case Study

Using email automation to gather customer preferences for targeted campaigns


The Bramall Music Building provides the University of Birmingham Music Department with a permanent home at the heart of the University, with state-of-the-art teaching, research, performance and rehearsal facilities appropriate to its reputation. It’s a £16 million facility which benefits everyone involved in the University’s elite and inclusive music-making and performance as well as being open for use by regional communities.


  • Increase engagement with email
  • Manage email users within The Bramall Music Building database
  • Capture data about their customers so they can tailor messaging

The Challenge

University of Birmingham (UOB) had a database of 5,000 people they had collected over the years through various channels. The organization was unsure as to how engaged this audience was and knew very little about what events, gigs or offers they wanted to hear about. By not engaging with these people, they were wasting an opportunity at bringing additional revenue and promoting their services.


The Solution

Using the Automation Programme Builder, UOB was able to create a multi-stage automated re-engagement program encouraging contacts to fill in their preferences with behavioral filters targeting engagement and completion.

The re-engagement program starts with an email directing contacts to a preference center form where they could refresh their contact details, indicate areas of interest that they wanted to subscribe to or unsubscribe altogether.

Behavioral filters would then assess whether the contact had clicked on the call-to-action, clicked but not completed the form or successfully completed the form. This would segment contacts into three different paths.

If the form was completed the customer was sent a follow-up email to confirm their interests as well as a ‘thank you’ coupon for a coffee redeemable at the venue. If they did not complete the form or if they didn’t click, the journey would trigger three further stages. These included reminders to persuade subscribers to fill in their preferences, or prompts to complete the form if they had already started, with filters continually re-assessing which path contacts should be on. If after three emails they did not complete the form, they were removed from the list altogether and no further emails would be sent.


The Result

Using this automated journey, University of Birmingham has engaged 7.3% of their e-mailable database to complete preferences. With an incredible 70% open rate for the ‘thank you for updating your preferences’ email, it really shows what an engaged audience they now have.

Furthermore, by having a better understanding of their audience UOB has increased the overall average click through rate for all Bramall emails by 68%, bringing it up from 9.5% to 16%. This paves the way for them to now send communications based on customer preferences and ensure their customers always receive the most timely and relevant information.

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