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Upland Adestra’s API helps the Jamieson Consultancy build emails via WordPress within 5-30 minutes


The Jamieson Consultancy provides diverse sales and marketing support services to a wide range of businesses, from market research and sales lead generation through to website design and email marketing.

The Chord Company has been designing, building, and refining award-winning audio and video cables in England since 1985. The company has become internationally renowned for creating high-performance, value-for-money products to suit any level of system or budget.


  • To allow users to create newsletters from posts/products or any other content from within WordPress with ease

The Challenge

When creating newsletters using the content published on The Chord Company’s website, The Jamieson Consultancy would have to create an HTML email from scratch. This was rather time-consuming, and manual as content had to be copied across multiple platforms. They realized that finding the right integration was necessary to make smarter use of their time by focusing on the email marketing strategy.

The Solution

As their client was a WordPress user, The Jamieson Consultancy decided to create a WordPress Plugin setup to automatize the email creation process.

This plugin allows users to build and preview their email from within the WordPress admin screen which is created much like a page or post. Users can choose to import already created content from posts, pages or products or choose to manually create content using custom rows and columns with a standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

The user is then able to customize the campaign by choosing from some of the options available in Adestra while still using the WordPress edit screen. These include a subject line or ‘from’ name or email; they can even choose from predefined lists – such as unsubscribe and suppression lists – that auto-populate. Once the campaign is created and the user is happy, the plugin sends the campaign to Adestra’s platform using the Adestra API. This plugin also allows the user to go back at a later date to edit/change options and content, before simply re-sending to the Adestra platform via the API.


Prior to the development of this plugin, the creation of an HTML email could take the team anywhere between 4 hours for a standard email campaign to 12 hours for a customized responsive campaign. Following the adoption of this new plugin, and by using the flexibility of the Adestra API, this client can create their newsletters within 5-30 minutes, allowing them to have full control over the design and content while giving them more time to focus on optimizing their email marketing strategy.

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