Campaign of the Month

Advanced data intelligence helps drive an uplift of 120% in revenue

Serenity Holidays used an advanced segmentation strategy to match their premium customers with a premium offering.

Brand: The Gambia Experience (one of Serenity’s holiday brands)
Designed and developed by: Maxine Moylette & Debbie Gurman

Campaign details

Subject line: Experience The Gambia in Style | Luxurious Hotels & Upgraded Flights
Open: 42%
Clicks: 32of opened
88% uplift in sales conversion ratio


Who is the campaign targeted at?

Premium customers who engaged with similar content in the past.


Promote their offers for an exotic holiday in the Gambia.

What makes this a performing campaign?

The secret to this campaign’s success is very clever use of data. In order to find the ideal audience for this email, Serenity Holidays performed an in-depth analysis of their customers’ previous behavior. Segmentation was based on a number of different criteria.

First, each contact in their database was assigned a score from 1-15 based on recency of purchase, frequency and value. From this, they selected a core audience which was more likely to consider the premium offer appealing.

Secondly, the core segment was further filtered based on what they had previously purchased, and also whether they had engaged with similar content in previous emails.

The results

Gathering a detailed level of intelligence about their audience paid off for Serenity Holidays. The clear wording of the subject line made the offer appealing to their premium customers, containing words like ‘style’, ‘luxurious’ and ‘upgraded flights’. This is probably why it persuaded 42% of their audience to open the email!

Segmentation based on advanced data intelligence also proved useful in making the content relevant, as a fantastic 32% of those who opened clicked on the offers. Adestra’s Heatmap Report showed that the top converting link was the call-to-action: ‘See our luxury offers here’, which successfully drove the subscribers to their website, where they could be tempted with more offers.

In fact, compared to a previous campaign advertising sent to all The Gambia Experience subscribers, this campaign saw an 88% improvement in the sales conversion ratio. This resulted in an uplift of 120% in revenue.

This campaign gives a stellar example of the level of data intelligence all marketers should aspire to, in order to maximize their results.

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