Campaign of the Month

Behavioral segmentation signals early event success with 86% click-to-open rate

The benefit of sending relevant messages was also seen in the fantastic click-to-open rate of 86%.

Environmental Finance sent an early bird discount offer to those who had previously shown interest in the Green Bonds conference, significantly increasing results compared to a similar campaign the year before.

Brand: Environmental Finance
Designed and developed by: Tommaso Dimitri

Campaign details

Subject line: Early bird ends today – Green Bonds Europe 2017 – Don’t miss out!
Opens: 74%
Clicks: 86%


Who is the campaign targeted at?

People who clicked on links promoting the event in previous campaigns.


  • Promote ticket sales

What makes this a performing campaign?

Everyone loves a good deal, so sending an ‘early bird’ discount email is an effective way to encourage subscribers to buy event tickets early. As the inbox is a crowded place, Environmental Finance decided to send a last reminder, adding urgency in the title: ‘Early bird ends TODAY’.

To further increase engagement with the announcement, the organization used segmentation this year to specifically target those subscribers who had expressed an interest in this event by clicking on related links in previous campaigns.

Environmental Finance also created a shorter campaign compared to the year before, promoting only the event presenters and encouraging recipients to visit the website for more information.

The Results

The addition of email segmentation this year generated a considerable increase in results which were also well above the industry average for non-automated event campaigns. By mentioning the name of the event in the subject line, Environmental Finance captured the attention of those who had already expressed interest in it and achieved a 74% open rate. This was almost five times higher than the previous year.

The benefit of sending relevant messages was also seen in the fantastic click-to-open rate of 86%, showing not only interest in the event but also driving ticket sales