Campaign of the Month

Black Friday weekend email brings Celtic & Co £27K in conversions

This email campaign demonstrates that heavy discounting is not necessary to achieve great results during the holidays. Instead, they used an offer of ‘free delivery’ and great email design to create a cosy atmosphere. 

Brand: Celtic & Co
Designed and developed by: Andrew Morris

Campaign details

Subject line: FREE DELIVERY on all orders | SHOP NOW

41% of clicks to use the free delivery code
£27K conversion value


What data was used?

Celtic & Co’s entire customer database.


  • Encourage sales over the Black Friday weekend

What makes this a performing campaign?

This email creates Christmas cheer and cosiness without being too centred around Christmas. After all, not everyone observes it as a holiday. The campaign is driven by a ‘free delivery’ offer for the weekend, in line with the general consumer expectations around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Celtic & Co also implemented Conversion Tracking to assess the success of their strategy and optimize for next year.

Staying true to their brand values, the campaign uses winter imagery and subtle Christmas decorations, as well as copy to create a cosy atmosphere and show their products in context. With words like ‘cool, crisp Christmas morning’, ‘snugly bear’, ‘cosy up in style’, ‘extra layer of warmth’ and ‘handcrafted footwear’, Celtic & Co talk about the benefits of their products and encourage conversions without pushing for a sale.

The Results

Simple and to the point, this campaign succeeds in its objective of attracting their subscribers’ attention and putting them in a wintery, cosy, Christmassy mood. The proof of that comes from the fact that 41% of total clicks came from the ‘free delivery’ code image above the fold and the Conversion Tracking feature in MessageFocus reported a total of £27K conversion value.

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