Campaign of the Month

Driving customers to sample Stur’s products with email automation

Stur and toinfinity used email to recapture potentially lost customers, resulting in a 93% click-to-open rate.

Brand: Stur
Agency: toinfinity
There’s never been a better time to grow your business online. toinfinity help their customers maximize their potential online through the use of bespoke digital marketing strategies.
Designed and developed by: Olly Rose

Campaign details

Subject line: Don’t forget your free sample!
Open: 72%
Clicks: 93% of opened


Who is the campaign targeted at?

New email subscribers who haven’t completed the free sample claim process.


  • To increase the number of potential customers sampling their products

What makes this a performing campaign?

Stur know that once people try their products, there is a very good chance they will convert to paying customers. Since signing up to receive Stur’s email newsletter is a clear sign of interest, toinfinity helped the brand to make the most of this channel. They set up an automated campaign targeting the new email subscribers who hadn’t redeemed their free sample within three days.

With a clear goal, toinfinity advised Stur that the campaign should be clear and to the point. The chosen design was simple and distraction-free, and the copy used was short with a single call-to-action.

Keeping true to Stur’s image as an independent, customer focused brand, the email started establishing a customer-brand relationship by including first name personalization, and the founder’s name in the signature.

The results

The timeliness of the offer meant the email was relevant at a time when new subscribers are most interested in hearing from the brand. That’s probably why the campaign achieved fantastic results: a 72% open-rate and 93% click-to-open rate.

Adestra’s Heatmap Report also showed that 99% of those clicks were directed towards redeeming the offer. The rest of the clicks helped Stur gain more followers on their social channels, thus helping them reinforce their message.

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