Campaign of the Month

Geo Tracking indicates a new market for BODIE and FOU

After unveiling a new target market, BODIE and FOU demonstrate how targeted campaigns can give great results. 

Company name: BODIE and FOU
Designed and developed by: Polly Rowan

Campaign details

Subject line: Fetez le lancement du catalogue BODIE and FOU avec 15% OFF jusqu’à Dimanche (Don’t miss out on celebrating the launch of the BODIE and FOU catalogue with 15% OFF – ends Sunday)
Open: 64%
Click: 20% of opened


What data was used?

A list of active customers and those who had previously requested a catalogue.

Who was the campaign targeted at?

The campaign was created specifically to target French recipients interested in BODIE and FOU’s product offers.


  • Test whether BODIE and FOU could improve the results of their campaigns, by targeting a specific market based on the demographic and geographic data of their subscribers.

What makes this a performing campaign?

Using Adestra’s MessageFocus platform and the Geo Tracking report, BODIE and FOU were able to identify where in the world their customers were opening their campaigns.

Analysing the data from the previous campaigns sent in October, BODIE and FOU identified a whole new target market, set just across the English Channel.

The results

Results showed that aside from the UK and US, a high number of BODIE and FOU’s campaigns were being opened in France.

The team at BODIE and FOU took advantage of this data and decided to create a new campaign specifically for this group. By segmenting their customer data, they were able to deliver a campaign entirely in French, which was solely targeted to French recipients.

The French campaign saw an exceptionally high number of opens and clicks, which translated into more engagement for this lifestyle brand. Using a mix of Geo Tracking and filters, BODIE and FOU created a successful campaign and opened up a whole new target market.

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